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Our premium quality tubes are up to 2 times thicker that standard tubes offering more puncture resistance and less rolling resistance. They have a universal 45 degree angled valve so you can use them as a replacement tube for the front or rear tire.

Choosing the right tube size for your E-Bike

When choosing a replacement tube for your ebike first determine the size of the tube on your ebike by reading the sidewall of the tire. Your tube size will always be the same as your tire size

The most common sizes for ebike tubes are 16x3 and 16x2.5.

Ebike pros tubes that have been made of premium quality compounds, have 45 degree bent brass valve stems, and are up to 2 times thicker that the average tube making them more puncture resistant. The perfect match for our high performance Ebike pro tires.

Our ebike tubes are a universal fit for all gio bikes and most models of emmo, daymak, tao tao, dragon, veloteq, electrowheels, gimelli, and more.

Always check the measurement of your current tube to insure you order the right size for your ebike.


Its always a good idea to have a spare tube on hand so if you get a flat you can fix it and keep riding!!!!


Never patch an ebike tube. Patching an ebike tube is not recommended because of the higher rpms of ebikes and an ebike has to support much more weight compared to a standard bicycle and patches will just fail.


When changing a tube it is a good idea to inspect your tire to find out what caused the flat. Usually glass or metal can be found in the tire and should be removed before installing the new tube. To install the new tube you will have your tire 50% removed so that would be a good time to replace your tire if needed.




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