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Choosing the right E-bike tire size

When choosing a replacement tire for your ebike first determine the size of the tire on your ebike by reading the sidewall of the tire. The most common sizes for ebike tires are 16x3 and 16x2.5.

We only carry CST Ebike Pro brand name ebike tires that have proven to provide increased range, a smooth, quiet ride and have a long life.

CST Ebike Pro tires have proven over time that they are hands down one of the best performing ebike tires on the market in every category. They have a centerline tread that insures far less rolling resistance, which increases range. The tire has aggressive side grips to insure traction when turning or in wet weather conditions. It is an all purpose tire that uses high quality compounds to insure long life and is less susceptible to punctures. It is also an easy mount tire.

Our ebike tires are a universal fit for all gio bikes and most models of emmo, daymak, tao tao, dragon, veloteq, electrowheels, gimelli, and more.

Always check the measurement of your current tire to insure you order the right size for your ebike

Tip: For better range always keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire.

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