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Choosing the right bulb for your E-Bike

When looking for a replacement bulb always be sure you replace it with the exact same voltage rating.

Remove the bulb and read the numbers printed on the bulb or stamped into the metal base of the bulb. It should tell you the exact replacement bulb you are looking for.

 If your ebike is 48 volts it will usually have 55 volt/56 volt bulbs or 12 volt bulbs.

60 volt ebikes or higher are use 12 volt bulbs because they have a voltage reducer that reduces the higher voltage down to 12 volts.

Head light and tail light bulbs have 2 filaments and 2 contacts on the base of the bulb.

These bulbs have 2 filaments because they have two purposes, the head light has high and low beam and the tail light is a running light and a brake light.

Turn signals usually have one filament because they are used solely for signaling.

We want to help you find what you are looking for and have included detailed specifications for every bulb with pictures and measurements to insure you order the correct bulb.

Our ebike bulbs are a universal fit for all gio bikes and most models of emmo, daymak, tao tao, dragon, veloteq, electrowheels, gimelli, and more.

Always check the specifications of your current bulb to insure you order the right bulb for your ebike

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