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Welcome to E-Bike Pros

About E-Bike Pros

Who we are: We are what the ebike industry has been waiting for!!!!

We offer a premium line of ebike batteries, parts and training for ebike dealers.  We have the technical knowledge to compliment all of our premium quality batteries and parts. If you are in the ebike industry you know there is a lot of battery suppliers or part suppliers that will be happy to sell you ebike batteries and parts, but they all lack one key ingredient to your success: the proper knowledge to help diagnose, service, or run the day to day operations of an ebike store.

Who we are: Ebike Pros is a proudly Canadian company dedicated to providing premium quality ebike parts to the ebike industry worldwide.  We only carry premium quality parts and we will stand behind our parts and components with an industry leading warranty.

If you are a looking for parts for your ebike or you are a full dealership looking for a premium quality line of ebike parts; Ebike Pros is a new level in the ebike industry that is taking the industry by storm. We support all of our dealers with the technical support they need with our master ebike technicians on staff .

Why do we only carry premium batteries and parts?

When we did our research we found that when people had a choice to buy a standard ebike battery or component  verses a premium battery or component, 9 out of 10 times consumers chose the premium item,  as they came with a better warranty and would get better performance from the premium products.